Strategic points

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

4 blocks away

Consult Information about Schedules and Services in the Official page of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Historical Center of the CDMX

6.3 km away

It is located 20 minutes by Paseo de la Reforma. You will find government offices, colonial buildings, museums and churches, restaurants, bars and theaters. See information on the official page of the government of Mexico City.

Airports and Buses

  • Mexico City Airport at 10 Km (30 min)
  • Toluca Airport at 66 Km (2 hours)
  • Central Buses of the North at 4.5 Km (15 min)
  • Central Buses East at 10 Km (30 min)
  • Central Buses West at 16 Km (1 hour)
  • Central Buses of the South at 19 Km (1 hour)

Pyramids of Teotihuacan

42.1 away

Teotihuacán is located north of the city, leaving by the highway to Pachuca, by the exit to Indios Verdes, a few minutes from the Hotel.

Ecatepec, State of Mexico

19.7 km away

In this way you will also find Ecatepec, one of the major cities of the industrial and commercial centers of the periphery of Mexico City.

Pachuca, Hidalgo

84.7 km away

In this way you will find Pachuca, an industrial city full of tourist attractions such as: San Miguel Regla and the Basaltic Prisms.

Organizations and Companies in the area

Historical Center of the CDMX
Palace of Fine Arts at 7.6 Km
National Palace at 6.3 Km
Capital Zocalo at 6.3 Km
Ruins of the Templo Mayor at 6.3 Km
Metropolitan Cathedral at 6.3 Km
Lindavista Square
Travel Agencies (Best Day, Magnicharters) at 3 Km
Banks (Scotiabank, CI Banco) at 3 Km
Telephony at 3 Km
Spa at 3 Km
Departmental stores (Suburbia, Sears, Zara, etc) at 3 Km
Parque Lindavista Shopping Center
Travel Agencies (AeroMexico) at 2.5 Km
Banks (Scotiabank, Banca Mifel, Banamex) at 2.5 Km
Telephony at 2.5 Km
Departmental stores (Liverpool, Sanborns, Mixup, HP Store, etc) at 2.5 Km
Cinemex at 2.5 Km
Recorcholis Entertainment Center at 2.5 Km
Tepeyac Square
Banks (Bansefi) at 1.1 Km
Telephony at 1.1 Km
Departmental stores (Suburbia, etc) at 1.1 Km
Cinépolis at 1.1 Km
Walmart at 1.1 Km
Sam's Club at 1.1 Km
Sport Center Los Galeana at 6 Km
Sport Center 18 de Marzo at 1.6 Km
Sports Unit Morelos IMSS at 3.5 Km
Town Hall Gustavo A. Madero at 600 Mts
Mexican Institute of Petroleum at 4.6 Km
Lienzo Charro of La Villa at 3.8km
Zoo of Aragon at 4.5 Km
Mega Comercial Mexicana supermarket La Villa at 1.5 Km
Tepeyac Theater at 1.1 Km
Garibaldi at 6.3 Km
Wax Museum, Ripley and Fantastic Travel at 8.4 Km
Angel of Independence at 9 Km
Zona Rosa at 9.4 Km
Chapultepec at 12.8 Km
Palace of Sports at 13 Km
Foro Sol (sports and concert venue) at 13 Km
Hermanos Rodríguez Racetrack at 13 Km
Central Buses of the North at 4.5 Km
Central Buses East (TAPO) at 10 Km
National Auditorium at 14 Km
Estadio Azteca at 22.4 Km
Frida Kahlo Museum at 23.9 Km
Coyoacán at 24.1 Km
Xochimilco at 29.1 Km
Six Flags at 30.2 Km