Hotel en el Norte de la Ciudad de México, ubicado a tres cuadras de la Basilica de Guadalupe


Hotel Villa Quijotes

Moctezuma No. 20,  Villa de Guadalupe,
Del. Gustavo A. Madero,  México, D.F.,  C.P. 07000 
Tels. (55) 5577-1088  or to 01 800 10 888 10




Operadora de Hoteles Cervantes SA de CV

In compliance with the provisions of our "Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares" (Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Individuals ), hereinafter the "Act", we hereby inform you that:

"Operadora de Hoteles Cervantes SA de CV" (hereinafter “Hotel Villa Quijotes”) is committed to respecting at all times your right to privacy, as well as your personal data, so we have taken all necessary measures to keep secure information you provide us safe. You can trust that “Hotel Villa Quijotes” make good use of this information and take all necessary precautions to keep your information private and secure.

Use that “Hotel Villa Quijotes” makes regarding their personal data (email, name, phone number or landline, age, sex, handwritten signature, address, RFC, CURP) sensitive data (racial or ethnic origin), details and financial assets (data confidential credit card or bank) (hereinafter "Personal Information") is based solely to provide the services you have requested to “Hotel Villa Quijotes” notify you about new services or products that are related with the already contracted or acquired; inform about changes in them, develop programs and studies are needed to determine spending habits, conduct regular evaluations of our services in order to improve the quality of the data, evaluate the quality of service we provide and, in general, to comply with the obligations we have made to you.


Hotel Villa Quijotes for purposes of this Privacy Notice, designated as the home located at: Moctezuma 20, Col. Aragón La Villa, Deleg. Gustavo A. Madero CP 07000 México DF, will be responsible for personal data that are provided by individuals who come from such data (hereinafter "the Holder"), for itself or for any commercial companies controllers, subsidiaries or affiliates.

The managing of the Personal Information of the Holder on that they have put at the disposal of Hotel Villa Quijotes, by any means or circumstance, will be able to be effected of conformity by the present terms and conditions, by what from this moment there is understood that the Holder grants his assent for such management. In case of not agreeing in providing his Personal Information, leave in an immediate way this website.

The Holder of the Personal Information guaranteed to them under any circumstances will be false and that knowledge of Hotel Villa Quijotes any changes that come to suffer the same, to keep the information updated.
Information of personal data that is collected by Hotel Villa Quijotes by direct way from the holder with their full consent, will have the use of but not limited described below: to).- to identify him, b)- to locate him c).- to communicate and contact him, d).- to send him information, e).- statistical uses, as well as its transmission to any third party by any means permitted by law. The use of personal data will be directly related to the relationship you have with Hotel Villa Quijotes as the consumer.

The temporality of the managing of the Personal Information of the Holder, will depend on the legal relationship celebrated with the Hotel and the obligations required by applicable law and the competent authorities. In all cases the information is recorded only for a reasonable time.

The information that is delivered to Hotel Villa Quijotes will be properly protected, preserved and protected, with appropriate physical and technological means to prevent its loss, misuse, alteration, access unauthorized access and theft.

Only have access to information to persons authorized by Hotel Villa Quijotes, whether workers,  service providers or business partners who are committed to keeping the information under strict confidentiality order and security, for this purpose the employees of Hotel Villa Quijotes will sign a privacy policy.
Where personal data are required sheltered by an authority of any kind, whether by legal process, to respond to any claim or legal action, or to protect the rights of Hotel Villa Quijotes, its consumer and the public, such personal data be available in full compliance with the Law.

The Holders of the Personal Information will have right to request the access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of his information by written request addressed generically to: Hotel Villa Quijotes & Operadora de Hoteles Cervantes SA de CV to our address; Moctezuma N. – 20, Cologne Aragon La Villa Deleg . Gustavo A. Madero CP 07000 Mexico City, from 8:00 to 16:00 pm, in working days, or by request to our phone 55771088 or email; must possess acknowledgement of receipt.

Hotel Villa Quijotes, it will give response to the requests of the Holder of the information, always and when there is not updated anyone of the exceptions contained in the Law, and the solicitor expires with the requirements contained in the article 29 of the Law that are described below :
I. - To indicate the name of the Holder and domicile or another way to communicate to him the response to his request;
II. - Attach documents establishing identity or, if applicable, the legal representative of the Holder;
III. - The clear and precise description of the Personal Information for which it seeks to exercise any of the rights described above, and
IV. - Any other item or document facilitating the location of the Personal Information, to what group company they were provided, the person whom they were provided or area of the company to which the person belongs to the one that the information provided to themselves.

In case the sensitive or patrimonial or financial Information of the Holder will be transferred to any third party, except in the case that they are transferred to some authority by legal requirement, or on the occasion of the fulfillment of the juridical relation celebrated with the Holder and Hotel Villa Quijotes, he will be notified to the Holder by any way, already it is written, telephonically, electronic, optically, sonorously, visually or any other one that the technology allows now or in the future thing.

In the supposition of which Hotel Villa Quijotes needs to use his Personal Information with ends different from the agreed by the juridical relation between the Holder and the Hotel; before will be notified to the Holder in written, telephonic, electronic form, or for any other form  that the technology allows now or in the future, for explain the other uses for to the above mentioned information in order to obtain the authorization of the Holder.

With the present Notice of Privacy, the Holder remains due informed that; the information that he provided, it was done accepting the terms contained in the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares.

Hotel Villa Quijotes, reserves the right to amend this policy to adapt to new legislation or case law and industry practices. In such cases, was previously announced on this page with the changes before their implementation.
In addition, the Holder accepts that all the information added by him or that in turn is obtained by means of his access to, to can will be  compiled and to be fixed in a database, same that will be a property of Hotel Villa Quijotes.

Likewise, the Holder accepts that by means of the insertion of his information in, give his express assent recounted in the “Artículo 76 bis de la Ley Federal de Protección al Consumidor”  so that Hotel Villa Quijotes could spread and transmit the information inserted in the Database to other suppliers or authorities competent that like that need it.

Of equal form the Holder gives express consent to receive information turn basis or for marketing or advertising purposes by Hotel Villa Quijotes in terms of the “Artículos 16, 18 y 18 bis de la Ley Federal de Protección al Consumidor”.

Hotel Villa Quijotes declares and the Holder accepts that Hotel Villa Quijotes will not be responsible or in any way exerts some kind of control over the links to different pages, portals, etc. of third persons outside Hotel Villa Quijotes, who may use or contain our web address

You may not make use of this site to perform any act that would constitute a violation, crime, libel or slander to Hotel Villa Quijotes or upload files that contain viruses.

This Privacy Notice and the general management of the law that make Hotel Villa Quijotes, is governed by the applicable legislation in the Estados Unidos Mexicanos, any dispute arising as a result of its implementation will be exposed to the organs jurisdiction in Mexico City, Federal District.


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